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Shakti Ayurveda London


Welcome To Shakti Ayurveda.

Ancient Therapies for Modern life, – evidence proven over centuries.

Shakti Ayurveda London is a place to rejuvinate and heal your body and mind through the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, – the science of happy, ailment free long life.

Zane Zalite


My Mission is to bring the ancient systems of Ayurveda into our modern life and deliver understanding of its concepts to everyone who comes along. Ayurveda heals from within (mind) and looks at the root cause of the ailment. This approach allows better outcome of the treatment, therefore strengthening an individual and enabeling them to face sorrows of their lives with an understanding. My wide range of services include:

Ayurvedic body treatments of massages, skin care, foot and head treatments focus on prevention so you can get lasting benefits. For full list treatments please go to Therapies page.

Physiotherapy treatments including musculoskeletal, work related disorders, womens health (antenatal, postnatal), stress related disorders, rehabilitation. To book your appointment please write to bookings@ShaktiAyurvedaLondon.co.uk

Meditation sessions on a weakly basis. For updates please check the events page.

Yoga sessions on a weekly basis. Sessions are based on the Ayurveda theory, so it suits your own constitution and is in the rythm of the universe. For more info please check the ‘Classes’ page .

Educational seminars on Vedas and many more. For updates please refer to the events page.

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Clients share their experience…

” From week one to week four I found myself with more energy, I was able to move more freely especially where my lower back was concerned … Zane really does have a natural ability to care and educate her clients – her knowledge could literally change the world! I now have better awareness of self-healing and self-realization than I ever had before – this is my new way of life. Thank you, Zane.”

Stella Fehmi. Regional Director, The Athena Network City & West Essex

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